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Frame Repairs

Here you can see the frame after we soda blasted and pressure washed. The holes almost doubled in size, but this allows us to see the full extent of the damage. Once cleaned, we can begin to fabricate and weld plating to cover the holes and strengthen the frame. Now, with the frame cleaned, blasted, plate welded, and ground smooth we go through and respray the entire undercarriage.

Door Hinge and Bolt Replacement

Here you can see a hinge that has rusted and then been painted over. It doesn't take long for the rust to bleed back through the paint which is what has happened here. This is the most economical choice. We remove the bolts and hinge, then we blast the hinge to get rid of the paint and any corrosion. The hinges are then primed, painted, and installed using the new Genuine bolts. This is the best solution, to replace the bolts and hinge with new alloy bolts and hinges. The hinges are painted to match and the alloy bolts get installed (everything has to be re-tapped, because the alloy bolts are a different thread). Bolts can be left in alloy or painted to match the hinge.

Exterior Hardware Replacement

Stainless hardware gives your Defender a cleaner look. Exterior roll cages were assembled from the factory without stainless bolts. Typically these bolts don't rust as bad as the other bolts because they were painted black. Here you can see stainless hardware on the rear door. Most owners focus their attention on the front door's bolts and hinges, and forget the rear door. Your hood contains six bolts painted body color from the factory giving them better protection against rust. However, over time the paint will fade or chip and these bolts will begin to rust. The stainless package includes these hood bolts and helps to add to your Defender's clean look.

Rear Cross Member Repair

This rear cross member came to us with substantial corrosion. You can see the holes and flaking rust that will need to be repaired. We will have to blast the member to get rid of all corrosion, weld in plating, grind to smooth, and paint with the factory semi-gloss black. Here you can see the finished product ready for the new owner.

Body Work

This is the hood before we began work. Because of their soft aluminum skins and flat design, the hoods are very susceptible to dents and dings. Here you can see that all of the dents and dings are worked out and the hood has been sanded and primed for paint. The end result is a beautiful dent/ ding-free hood with it's original shine and luster.

Full Exterior Black-In

It is all too common for the black plastic trim on a Defender 90 to fade over time. It is also just as common for the exterior metal to fade, chip, and scratch. We simply prep the plastic pieces, sand, prime and paint for a like-new look restoring the black color. Exterior metals get taped up, sanded, primed, and painted which restores it's color for years to come. Here you can see after the plastic pieces have been reinstalled and the metal pieces have dried. We go back with the same semi-gloss finish that came from the factory.

Soft Top Repairs and Window Replacements

Over the years, the soft tops will rip, zippers will break, and seams will come undone. Here is a picture of a typical tear in a soft top corner. We can make repairs by replacing panels or mending existing panels. Our upholstery shop can replace window glass. We offer several mil thickness. This pictures shows you a top that has a come unstitched at the bottom. An economical repair involves sewing a reinforcing strip to ensure that it has strength.

Wheel Refinishing

From time to time we will see Defenders that have moderate to severe alloy wheel scuffs and scratches. Here you can see a wheel that has the wheel curbed on the outside of the rim. This has to be sanded down, filled, and refinished. Here you can see after the wheels have been refinished. We go back with the same sheen and finish that came from the factory.

Upholstery Repair

This picture shows a worn out front seat cushion. This is very common for front seat, especially soft top models. We can either repair these or replace these cushions. The rear seats are susceptible to rips and tears just like the front seat cushions. Most times, these seats suffer wear from being removed and reinstalled. We can mend these seats to look new. This is a picture where the seat was repaired. These are nice and tight and match perfectly.


This pictures shows the typical headliner sag. Over time, due to moisture and heat, the headliner glue will fail, and the headliners will begin to sag. This picture shows the headliner out of the vehicle. It will be fitted to the backing board and then reinstalled. This photo shows after the headliner is reinstalled. Notice the tight ridge down the middle of the rear section of the headliner.

Rubber Matting

This shows a new Station Wagon rubber mat made to cover the front carpeting. These mats will protect the carpet and enhance your vehicle's interior. This picture shows a new Soft Top rubber mat. These mats were designed to go directly over the metal floorboard to protect the floorboards and insulate against heat and noise. The rear cargo space of the Soft Top models came standard with these rubber mats. These mats will rip along the ridges and will need replacement. Contrary to the front rubber matting, the rear mat will require the removal of the seating, hardware, and seat belts.

ST to SW Door conversion

Here is an example of a soft top door (or half door) that suffers from the common door bottom corrosion. This corrosion is caused when dissimilar materials (aluminum and steel) are put together. Water acts as an accelerator to speed up this process. The factory soft top doors are more likely to corrode due to the door pocket and two piece door system that allows water easy access to get behind the door. Once behind the door, water will sit between the aluminum door skin and the steel reinforcing. Over time, the aluminum will corrode and the paint will blister. The factory station wagon doors make it more difficult for water to find it's way behind the door panel. The exterior handle (versus recessed) and one piece door system have proven to be much less likely to corrode over time. They also provide an aesthetically pleasing look for the soft top models.

* The Door conversion will require paint work
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