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Consignment Sales

Download Consignment Agreement

In a continuing effort to provide our customers with beneficial services, landroversforsale will now begin accepting selected consignments. We believe that offering consignment vehicles will allow us to offer our potential clientele additional inventory from which to choose and you, the seller an opportunity to get nationwide exposure for your vehicle. It is very important that we stay true to our vision of buying and selling North American Spec Land Rover Defenders while maintaining our high standard of quality. We are excited about the addition of consignment vehicles and we look forward to the relationships that will follow.

First, Consignment sales will benefit landroversforsale customers who are seeking to purchase a Defender. It is our hope to be able to double our inventory with the addition of consignments. The biggest question we receive from our customers is "what other vehicles do you have incoming?" Without the additional consignment vehicles Landroversforsale can only buy and/ or refurbish so many Defenders every month. The addition of our consignment pieces will consist of Defenders of equal quality and pricing yielding more inventory for customers to browse and purchase.

Second, Consignment Sales will benefit landroversforsale customers who are seeking to sell their Defender. Historically, we have only been able to offer our customers one option; an outright purchase. This outright purchase is a great option for some, but not all. A second, and more viable option for some is a consignment sale. These two purchasing options offer different pros and cons in relation to time and money. An outright purchase is immediate, but allows for a lesser purchase price. A consignment sale could take a little time to complete, but will generate a higher purchase price.

We will have a few rules associated with our consignment sales. The terms and conditions are outlined in our standard consignment agreement (see below). Consistent execution of details is vital for our company. These details include items such as vehicle condition, photographs and description. It is impossible to execute these details consistently without having the vehicle with us here in Birmingham.

Below is the language from our Sample Consignment Agreement:

We, WLRS, Inc (Consignor) do hereby agree to consign the above listed vehicle for ______________ (Consignee). It is agreed that the Consignee will transport the above referenced vehicle to the Consignor's place of business at the Consignee's expense. Consignee is giving exclusive rights for Consignor to list and sell said vehicle.

It is further agreed that the Consignor will cover all costs associated with detailing, photographing, listing services, and marketing of said vehicle. Consignor agrees to list said vehicle for $____________. Consignor will not sell the vehicle prior to the Consignee's written approval.

The Consignee agrees to allow the Consignor to retain __% of the vehicle's total sales price. This amount will serve to cover all overhead costs and fees incurred while marketing and selling said vehicle. The sales amount will be distributed as follows: The first __% of the sale will be transferred to the Consignee and the last __% will be transferred to the Consignor.

The sales procedure will be processed through the Consignor via a title transfer and bill of sale in which the Consignee will sell the vehicle to the Consignor and the Consignor will the vehicle to the customer.

It is known that the Consignee owns the vehicle outright with no liens or encumbrances.

(In the event that the Consignee has a lien, the Consignor must be presented with a current payoff letter from the lien holder.)

The Consignee will sign over and send the title to the Consignor to transfer ownership once vehicle has been sold. In the meantime, Consignee will send a copy of the title (front and back) to the Consignor to show potential customers

Each consignment sale will be different with respect to percentages and sales prices. We will offer three different types of transactions for the consignee to choose from:

  1. Consignee retains the agreed upon % of the sale with the remaining % going to the Consignor.
  2. Consignee retains up to a set amount and the Consignor and Consignee divide the remaining amount 50/ 50.
  3. Consignee retains up to a set amount and the Consignor keeps everything over that amount.

For the protection of all parties involved, we want to be able to verify the condition of every vehicle that we buy and sell. Making a quick site visit to see the vehicle isn't adequate enough to fully determine the condition of the vehicle. We go to great measures to see that our entire inventory is photographed at the same location with similar lighting. This consistency couldn't be achieved on a remote location.

An equally important reason to have the consignment vehicles sent to Birmingham is the availability. Every week we have the pleasure of showing our vehicles to out of town customers. These customers often show up wanting one vehicle and leaving with something completely different. Without having all of our vehicles in Birmingham, it doesn't allow potential customers to see our entire inventory in one location. Having the vehicle stored with owners in other states makes this impossible.

Landroversforsale is proud to begin offering selected consignment pieces beginning April 01, 2010. Please feel free to contact us with any questions that you may have. Thank you.

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